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The Art of Manliness Weekly Round-Up: The Community Edition

Yesterday, I announced the launch of our new community section [1] on the site. The response so far has been phenomenal. We already have 746 members and there has been a flurry of activity. Members have started groups for pipe smokers, hat wearers, and men who are all about the traditional wet shave. A few people have written some outstanding blog posts. The most popular feature so far seems to be the photo sharing. It’s been really cool to get a look into the lives of AoM readers.

If you haven’t joined already, do it today [2]! Sign up is a breeze and it’s completely FREE. And to give you a heads up, we have a few contests and giveaways that will be exclusive just for community members. So if you don’t want to miss out, make sure to sign up [2].

Let’s look at some links.

D’Accord. [3] I’m a big fan of camp shirts. And I’m a big fan of stuff still made here in the USA. So I’m happy to link to D’Accord [3], a family owned business that makes manly camp shirts right here at home. Check out their guayaberas as well.

Cool Tools. [4]When you think of tools, visions of hammers and screwdrivers probably dance in your head. But a tool is really anything useful. Cool Tools uses such a definition in reviewing everything from drills to fanny packs to emergency tracheotomy tubes. (Hat tip Rich Ryan)

The Code of the Preux Chevalier [5]. (@The Well-Dressed Gentleman) The Well-Dressed Gentleman is new blog dedicated to all things gentlemanly-from dressing to etiquette. In this post, the author discusses the importance of manners and includes some tips on hat etiquette.

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