| April 4, 2009

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Twitter Edition

If you haven’t been living in a cave these past few months, you’ve probably have heard of Twitter. It’s an internet service that let’s you post short messages that are 140 characters long. You can follow your friends or famous people and see their Twitter updates. Twitter is what you make of it. Some people just use it to tell the world what they’re eating for lunch.  I’ve found it extremely useful. Whenever I have a question, I just tweet it and in a few minutes I can get dozens of useful answers from people that follow my twitter updates.

Well, I’ve decided to start a Twitter account for The Art of Manliness. Just click @artofmanliness to start following the site. I know many people out there are using Twitter as a tool to know when their favorite website has been updated. So, you’ll get a tweet whenever we post something new. Also, we’ll be doing some exclusive contests for AoM Twitter followers and will be posting short manly tips that can be written in under 140 characters. So, if you use Twitter, make sure to follow @artofmanliness.

Also, I need to give my friend Eric Granata some big time props for getting this started and for the design of the @artofmanliness Twitter landing page. It looks fantastic and very, very manly. You can follow Eric on Twitter @granata

I have my own personal twitter account @brettmckay. I use it to share interesting links I find around the interwebs and to interact with my friends and contacts. Follow me if you want. I’ll follow you back. Pinky promise.

Let’s take a look at some links.

Manly Crafts (@ instrunctables) Crafts aren’t just for little old ladies. It’s manly to work with your hands and create something useful. Over at Instructables, they have a series of manly crafts. Most of them are silly. I mean seriously. A knit condom? But it did get me thinking about some manly crafts I could get started on. Perhaps we could explore some on the site. Ideas? Contact me. (Hat tip Jordan)

Phillip Toledano – Days with My Father This site is amazing. Probably the most touching thing I’ve seen done on the internet. It’s a photo journal about a man and his relationship with his 98 year old father that has no short term memory. The photos are incredible. I’m not going to ruin it by trying to describe it. Just go check it out. (Hat tip Chris Hunter)

Theodore Roosevelt on Careers and Financial Success (@ the simple dollar) We’re big fans of Theodore Roosevelt here, so I was happy to see The Simple Dollar highlight TR’s insight on career and financial success. If you’re looking for a book that will inspire you to be a better man, you have to check out The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. It’s full the sort of insights like The Simple Dollar found.

iAmhusband Book Giveaway iAmhusband is a blog dedicated to helping men be better husbands. It recently turned one year old which is a milestone for blogs, seeing how most of them end in just a matter of months. In honor of the site’s birthday, they’re hosting a book giveaway of two books called For Couples Only. One of them is for men and one is for women. Each book provides insights on the opposite sex and how to interact with them in a relationship. Go to iAmhusband to enter the giveaway.

Simple Marriage Survey Simple Marriage is a fanstasic blog on improving a marital relationship. If you haven’t been to it, check it out. Right now, Dr. Corey Allen is doing a short 5 question survey about marriage over there.  It seriously takes less than 3 minutes to fill out. If you’re married, I know Corey will really appreciate it if you could fill it out so he can better serve his readers on his site.

And finally, I’d like to share a poem sent into me by AoM reader Ian McPhee. It’s a fantastic ode to the glorious mustache:

Words to a Mustache

A word to you, mustache!
From the corners o’ lips,
Across the upper, crash!
In your forms, glory zips;
To you no snips.
For none’s better’n you!
Fearful society rips
A hatred of you
Who is true.
But fear not dismissal!
For in such issue
Our lips will bristle!

On this final note, enjoy,
Masculinity: employ!

Got some links you think Art of Manliness readers would enjoy? Email us. Better yet, tweet it to us.

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