| April 2, 2009


Winners of the Hold On To Your N.U.T.s Book Giveaway

A big thanks to all of you who entered the N.U.T.s book giveaway contest. I, many readers, and Wayne Levine himself were totally blown away by both the quantity, and especially the quality of the comments left for this contest. You guys offered incredibly solid advice. If a guy is looking for relationship help, he would do well to read over all the comments left by AoM readers. With the bad rap men often get in the media these days, reading stuff like this is truly heartening. It’s a pleasure to be associated with men who are really living the art of manliness.

And now the winners of the contest:

Matt S. of Alabama

Ray E. from California

Kevin L. from Idaho

If you weren’t fortunate enough to win a copy of Wayne Levine’s book, pick up a copy for yourself.

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