| March 14, 2009

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The Art of Manliness Weekend Roundup: Vacation Edition

It’s spring break time, and Kate and I are taking a much needed vacation for the next week. As you read this, we’re at an undisclosed location without our computers or the internet. I plan on reading two books several Art of Manliness readers have suggested in emails to me: The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L’Amour. I got them using an awesome service called Paperback Swap. You can trade your old paperbacks with other users. For the cost of media mail shipping I got two new books. Nice.

Although we won’t be around next week, you’ll still be getting new articles from AoM. We’ve got the whole thing set up on autopilot so the good stuff will keep coming while we’re away. While AoM will be up and running, if you have any questions or comments for us, we won’t be able to answer them until we get back.

Now for some links.

The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be Reading (@ makeuseof.com)Popular tech website MakeUseOf.com put together a list of 7 must read websites for men. Art of Manliness was honored to be listed as the #1 site for men.

How to Feed Yourself for $15 a Week (@ get rich slowly) One of the easiest places to cut costs is in your food budget. In this article from GRS, we learn how to eat well on just $15. And no, it doesn’t involve eating Ramen noodles three times a week.

The Beardly It seems like more and more people are gaining an appreciation for the beard. New sites are popping up everywhere paying homage to manly whiskers. The Beardly is the latest, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s pretty dang chido (That’s spanish for “cool.” Repitan. Chido.) Every day, The Beardly posts pics of some awe-inspiring beards. After visiting the site, it will make you want to start growing a beard too.

5 Quick & Easy Tips For Improving Your Pinewood Derby Car’s Speed (@ geekdad) If you have a son in Cub Scouts, you’ve probably built or will be building a Pinewood Derby car. Geekdad offers 5 tips to turn a chunk of balsa wood into a lean, mean, and speedy roadster. My favorite tip: Put all of your weight in the back. I did this with my Pinewood Derby cars as a Cub and I kicked some major trash at the Pack Meeting. (Hat tip Eric Granata)

20 Must Read Blogs For Married People (@ simple marriage) If you’re a married man looking for some relationship advice, check out this list of 20 blogs that Corey Allen at Simple Marriage put together. Lots of good blogs were included that I follow: Building Camelot, A Good Husband, and Zen Habits. Art of Manliness had the honor of being included in this list as well. Thanks Corey!

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