| March 7, 2009

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Legal Ethics Edition

This morning I had to take the MPRE. It’s a legal ethics exam all wannabe attorneys have to pass before they can practice. You’d think ethics would be pretty simple. Just do the right thing, right? Well, you’d be wrong. The Rules of Professional Ethics has exceptions to exceptions that you have to navigate through and know in order to get to the right answer. Hopefully, I passed.

All right, enough about boring legal ethics exams. Let’s look at some links:

Some Thoughts on Building a Successful Marriage (@ the simple dollar) Solid advice from Trent at The Simple Dollar on creating a successful marriage. The one I strive to do on a consistent basis is: “I tell my wife I love her every single day.” I think I’ve done this. At least I hope I have. Kate, can you vouch for me on this one?

Authentic Victorian Clothing I stumbled upon this site and thought it was pretty cool. They sell authentic old time clothing, the kind you would see on a cowboy in the 1800’s. While I wouldn’t recommend dressing up like that unless you’re going to a costume party or are impervious to people’s stares, there are some things in there that I thought would be of interest to AoM readers, like the old time playing cards.

A Continuous Lean This blog is, as friend and AoM designer and reader Eric Granata would say, “bad to the bone.” A Continuous Lean is sort of hard to describe. It’s basically about cool looking classic American stuff. Stuff like Red Wing boots and Case Pocket Knives, the kind of classic, durable products America used to make. The blog author, Michael Williams, post daily articles highlighting cool things he’s found on eBay and at swap meets. If you’re looking to buy American goods, ACL has created the American List, a webpage with a list of companies that still make their products in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

The Ongoing Battle with Lifestyle Inflation (@get rich slowly) This is something Kate and I often talk about. For all of our marriage, we’ve been living like students, because for all of our marriage one of us has been a student. With law school graduation coming in a just a few months and with me (hopefully, keep you fingers crossed!) getting a job, our income may finally rise above the scraping by level. With that rise in income comes the temptation to start spending money on all the things we’ve wanted, but never could afford. It’s easy to go crazy on stuff if you’ve been stifling those consumerist desires for years. But as this article indicates, lifestyle inflation can leave you poorer than you were before.

A Marital Conversation Alternative: Take a Walk  (@ simple marriage project) Kate and I enjoy taking walks together in the neighborhood and talking. For some reason, walking tends to open people up more. It’s easier to talk to someone when you’re both facing outwards, than when you’re staring intently into each other’s eyes. So if you’re having trouble communicating with your partner, try getting outside and taking a stroll.  Even if you don’t get a good a good conversation going, you’ll at least get some exercise.

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