| February 7, 2009

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup

Here are some interesting links to peruse while you kickback this weekend:

Cowboy Bob’s Western Values. A new blog dedicated to gaining insight from the cowboy mythology of movies and folklore.

Time to Eat the Dogs. This blog is written by a professor of the history of exploration. The writing is fantastic and articles very interesting. If you’ve enjoyed Chris Hutcheson’s articles on explorers, then you should definitely check this site out.

The Perfect Shirt (@ valet) An ode to an American classic: the white oxford shirt.

The Battle for Britain’s Masculinity (@ the trumpet) An op-ed piece in which the author argues that the decline in masculinity in Britain is killing Britain in the process. Whether you agree or not, it’s an interesting read.

Beard·Revue. A blog dedicated to review, commentary, and discussion of the beard. (hat tip to Cory Huff)

THE FATHER LIFE. Very cool online magazine for fathers. Covers fatherhood, relationships, and work.

And finally, there’s been a bit of controversy this week over a Cheerios ad that some believe is insulting to men. They argue that if the roles of the couple in the commercial were reversed, women would never stand for such an ad. Is this another example of the way in which popular culture gets away with degrading men, or is it much ado about nothing? Check it out and decide for yourself:

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