| January 10, 2009


The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Vote For AoM Edition

The 2008 Weblog Awards

Well, this week was full of victorious triumphs and devastating defeats. The big victory of the week is that we turned in our final manuscript of the Art of Manliness book. It feels really good to get that bad boy done. Look for it to hit bookstores this fall.

The defeat came from my beloved OU Sooners. I was optimistic this year, but once again they failed to deliver. What made the defeat even harder was that OU had so many opportunities to score points; they just failed to capitalize on them. I’ll hand it to Florida. They played one heck of a game.

Alright, I know I’ve bugged you all about this already, but as you know, AoM is up for the Best Culture Blog of 2008. Thanks to your help, we had a substantial early lead, but now we’re running second. Please take the time to vote. You don’t have to register or do anything besides click your mouse. If you voted already, you can vote again. In fact, you can vote once every 24 hours. So vote early and often. Voting ends Monday, Jan. 12. Thank you for your help! We really appreciate it.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that we’re aware of the tasteless “Flat Belly” ad that appears on the site. We’re made several requests to have it removed, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll continue the fight until the eyesore is removed.

Now for some links.

The No S Diet (@ everyday systems) A super simple diet. During the week, you follow three simple rules: no snacks, no sweets, no seconds. On days that begin with “s” (Saturday and Sunday), an exception exists, and you can indulge in those “S’s”. Its simplicity reminded me of your grandpa’s diet plan.

Shovelglove (@ everyday systems) From the same man who brought you the “No S Diet,” comes this interesting workout: the shovelglove. It’s pretty simple. Just buy a sledgehammer, wrap a sweater around the hammer end, and make chopping and shoveling movements. Simple! It has a surprisingly large undergound following.

Autofocus Task Management System (@ mark forster) For the past few years, I’ve experimented with a couple of time management/productivity systems like GTD and FranklinCovey. I had a decent amount of success with them, but I felt they were needlessly complicated. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Mark Forster’s Autofocus system and have been very pleased with it. It’s insanely simple. Mark is testing the system out right now before it goes public, but you can sign up to be a tester by subscribing to his free email newsletter.

Badger and Blade This is a fantastic community of men who are interested in classic wet shaving. The forums are packed with useful information on shaving. Make sure to check out their shave wiki.

The Gentleman’s Page A page full of practical advice for the 19th century American male. It’s divided into “behavior” and “attire” sections. (Hat tip to Strombringer)

The Complete Woman While AoM is aimed at men, we also have a lot of female readers who enjoy the site. We often get emails asking if there’s a site like AoM for women. Our usual response is “not really.” Well, that answer can now change. The Complete Woman is a site dedicated to helping women become better women, and it doesn’t focus on fashion and dieting. If you have a wife or girlfriend, email them the link.

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