| November 1, 2008

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Devil’s Den Edition

Kate and I are out camping in Devil’s Den, an Arkansas state park. We have a tradition of going out camping right before I have to buckle down for law school finals. It’s a time for us re-connect and charge our love batteries up before I retreat to my law cave until December. Devil’s Den is a beautiful state park. Good trails and lots of fun caves to explore. We’re going to be a week early on the fall foliage, but I’m sure it will still be pretty. We’ll be back on Sunday and I’ll be hitting the books hard.

Update on the t-shirts: For those of you who ordered t-shirts, they should be ready on Monday and I’ll be sending them out next week. Thanks for your patience.

Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women (@ nbc) If you watch the AMC series Mad Men, then you’ll get a hoot out of this.

10 Ways to Use Laser Sharp Focus to Get More Done (@ zen habits) This was timely for me. I have law school finals and a book deadline coming up in the next month. I need to get my focus on.

What Makes a Good President? (@ apa) A couple of years ago, two psychologists assessed the personality of every American president in history to find out which traits they all had in common. If you’re a stubborn, disagreeable, and unorderly man, then congratulations, you have the traits that many great American presidents possessed.

Will You Be My Black Friend? (@ gq) This article is pretty relevant with our man friends post. It’s very good article. I can relate to the author in this article. I haven’t had many black friends in my life. I grew up in probably one of the most whitebread towns in America, and now I live in Tulsa, OK which is sadly pretty racially segregated (not to mention, it also has a dark history when it comes to race relations). Probably the one time in my life I had close black friends was when I played football in high school. How did the author of the article try to get a black friend? He put an ad in craigslist saying he was looking for a black friend. As you can imagine, he got some weird responses.

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