The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Nominate the Man of the Year Edition

by Brett & Kate McKay on October 25, 2008 · 1 comment

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Last Monday, we announced the first ever Art of Manliness Man of the Year Award. Until November 9, we’ll be taking nominations. Voting will open to readers November 24. Grand prize is $2,000. Remember you can nominate ANY man. We’re looking to honor the average guy who represents what’s best in manliness. He doesn’t need to have cured AIDS or solved world poverty; he just needs to be an awesome dude.

And fellas, the vast majority of nominees have been from women. Which is great, but 95% of readers here are men. I know you all know men in your life or community that represent the best in men, be it your father, your brother, or a neighbor. Don’t hold out on us. Get off your keisters and take 30 short minutes of your time and pay tribute to that man by filling out the nomination form. Seriously. Do it today because the deadline is fast approaching.

Now for some links:

Pare It Down: Cut Away the Extraneous to Leave the Awesome (@Zen Habits) This was definitely timely for me. Kate and I have a ton on our table right now. School, work, the blog, writing a book, and planning Kate’s 10 year reunion is starting to get a bit overwehlming. Stuff just sort of happened all at once. So we’re always looking for places we can cut back in to maintain our sanity.

Cooking with Rickey: Rickey’s Recession Blues Chili (@Riding with Rickey) Rickey shows how to whip up a thoroughly manly and delicious chili (with 3 kinds of meat, how could it go wrong?).

The Greatest Buying Opportunity of Our Time (@Schaefer’s Blog) The economy got you down in the dumps? Cameron Schaefer finds a silver lining in our currently mushy market and makes the argument that now, while stock is cheap, it’s the perfect time to buy.

7 Burning Halloween Questions: Answered! (@ Mental Floss) Everyone pretty much understands the premise behind holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July. But Halloween remains quite the mystery. How did this crazy holiday where kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy develop? Why pumpkins? What’s up with candy corn? This article answers all of your burning Halloween questions.

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1 Greg November 6, 2008 at 3:16 pm

There is no man without the right of passage from boy to manhood. Peer pressure is more relevant than role models like fathers can be sometimes. Competition and victory are an essential component of a man’s psychic. And it is like magic with blood sweat and tears. Early childhood and puberty are crucial moments to develop sexual identity and self worth. Many boys are raised without a role model and they grow up to be great men. But what if you grew up with hypogonadism (Low testosterone because of Pituitary failure) missing full puberty and getting depression instead? Teenage years spent feeling like a freak for lack of body hair, stamina, stature and interest in manly endeavors. Men and women looking down on you in pure disgust that was both socially acceptable and instinctive. We certainly will not forgive a girly looking guy. What a freak, why doesn’t he do something about it? Put the blame on him. That is his fault. Depression of the body and the mind acted in concert like a self-fulfilling Hell. Friends, dope and booze helped, a bit too well! At 28 I looked for treatment after being called “Madam” a last time entering a bar. Now I look better, like a teddy Bear and am pretty sexy. I am 38 and receiving treatments of all kinds, I simply have to tell you that I understand that it is hard to fit in with the other boys and make the grade. I am terrified entering a softball game and other competitive things, but keep trying, everyday. Sometimes I feel like a man, but most of the time, like a piece of shit. Just one day at a time. I need help getting rid of the guilt I felt all these years. Do you have any idea how? All of you must have hard some hard times too I hope! Those of you who grew up with stronger bodies and minds, I think you are pure magic. And fuck off.

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