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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Tulsa State Fair Edition

Yesterday, I spent the better half of the day at the Tulsa State Fair. Saw some cows, checked out the vendors selling crappy air brushed t-shirts, and of course I ate the crap out of some deep fried food. Sure, it wasn’t the healthiest stuff I ate, but there’s only one time a year you can eat a deep fried Snickers bar or deep fried s’mores.

Kate’s Uncle Buzz is in town from Vermont. While we were at the fair, Buzz and I did the Mariene Pullup Challenge. 50 year old Buzz beat the crap out of 26 year old me. Which just goes to show you, the Uncle Buzz Workout [1] will get you into shape.

Let’s do some links.

Are You a Porn Adict? [2] (@ husbands and dads) A guest post from Chris Diggins, a professional counselor, at Husbands and Dads, discusses some of the negatives of pornography addiction.

Stop [3] (@ writer dad) Writer Dad recounts standing up to hoodlum kid vandalizing in his neighborhood. Even if it was just a sticker on a stop sign, it’s a pretty riveting story and is a lesson to men that sometimes you need to take a stand and not let jack asses get away with their crap.

Grapes of Wrath [4]An interesting blog with short stories involving straight razors and badger brushes.

Hero Training: The Best Weapons for Home Defense [5] (@ primer magazine) What are the best guns to protect your home with? Check out this post at Primer Magazine to find out.

Advice for Students: Start Planning Now for Life After College [6] (@ lifhack.org) A lot of you are in college right now. Lifehacks.org has written a great piece on what you can do now to prepare for life after college.

Rhetoric, Manly Virtue, and The Art of Politics [7] (@ dialect) An interesting read about Edmund Burke’s take on what manly virtue is and how it relates to politics.