| October 4, 2008

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Tulsa State Fair Edition

Yesterday, I spent the better half of the day at the Tulsa State Fair. Saw some cows, checked out the vendors selling crappy air brushed t-shirts, and of course I ate the crap out of some deep fried food. Sure, it wasn’t the healthiest stuff I ate, but there’s only one time a year you can eat a deep fried Snickers bar or deep fried s’mores.

Kate’s Uncle Buzz is in town from Vermont. While we were at the fair, Buzz and I did the Mariene Pullup Challenge. 50 year old Buzz beat the crap out of 26 year old me. Which just goes to show you, the Uncle Buzz Workout will get you into shape.

Let’s do some links.

Are You a Porn Adict? (@ husbands and dads) A guest post from Chris Diggins, a professional counselor, at Husbands and Dads, discusses some of the negatives of pornography addiction.

Stop (@ writer dad) Writer Dad recounts standing up to hoodlum kid vandalizing in his neighborhood. Even if it was just a sticker on a stop sign, it’s a pretty riveting story and is a lesson to men that sometimes you need to take a stand and not let jack asses get away with their crap.

Grapes of Wrath An interesting blog with short stories involving straight razors and badger brushes.

Hero Training: The Best Weapons for Home Defense (@ primer magazine) What are the best guns to protect your home with? Check out this post at Primer Magazine to find out.

Advice for Students: Start Planning Now for Life After College (@ lifhack.org) A lot of you are in college right now. Lifehacks.org has written a great piece on what you can do now to prepare for life after college.

Rhetoric, Manly Virtue, and The Art of Politics (@ dialect) An interesting read about Edmund Burke’s take on what manly virtue is and how it relates to politics.

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