September 2008

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Manvotional: “If” by Rudyard Kipling

by Brett & Kate McKay

Editor’s Note: Great men before us have penned poems, letters, and essays on what it means to be a man. We want to share with you some of these writings each Sunday in a series called Manvotionals. Each Sunday, we’ll post a short poem, essay, or letter that inspires men to be better men. We’ll […]

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: New Blackberry Edition

by Brett & Kate McKay

My two year contract on my cell phone ended this week which meant I could upgrade my phone on renewal for a really good price. I decided to get a Blackberry Curve. I’ve been reluctant to jump on the Smartphone band wagon for some time, but after hearing rave reviews from my friends, I decided […]

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How To Build a Roaring Campfire

by Brett & Kate McKay

There is a primal link between man and fire. For ancient man, fire provided warmth, protection from wild animals, light in the dark wilderness, and a place to cook food. While fire is no longer vital to most men’s existence, it still has a magnetic power that attracts us. The flames of fire can inspire […]

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Heading Out on Your Own

by Brett & Kate McKay

Image from Omega418 It was back to school for most students in America last week. For many young men leaving for college, this marked the first time in their life they left the nest and heading out on their own. I remember the first semester I was away from home. I was living in the […]

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The Best of The Art of Manliness: August 2008

by Brett & Kate McKay

August was a fantastic month for the Art of Manliness. We had some great discussion on several of the posts and subscribers reached 16,809- an increase of almost 3,000 since last month!  It’s great to see so many men (and ladies) who are interested in bringing back manliness in society. I appreciate all the feedback and […]

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