| August 31, 2008


The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Disney World Edition

Right now I’m in Orlando visiting my wife’s grandparents. My wife’s uncle, who also lives here, works for Disney World and he hooked us up with some free park passes. So we spent the entire day yesterday at Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom. It was a blast, even for a 26 year old. Needless to say, I’m pooped today. We’ll spend the rest of the weekend writing, eating coffee cake, and playing gin rummy with Kate’s grandparents.

Now for some links:

HulseStrength. Elliot Hulse wants to get you in shape and he’s going to do it with manly exercises like squats and pull-ups. Check out his site. He has some great articles, and some very informative videos.

Become an Efficient Researcher: 20 Firefox Add-ons to Make You a Research Master(@ res ipsa) As a law student, I do a lot of research. I know a lot of AoM readers are also students, so this article at Res Ipsa will be a valuable resource.

My Boobs Are Not Squeeze Toys: 8 Tips for More Action in the Bedroom (@ the man page) The Man Page offers 8 tips on getting more action in the bedroom. Great solid advice like planning a surprise date and not being a flagrant drive-by boob squeezer.

The Art of Relaxating. Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Concords will be playing Dr. Ronald Chevalier in Gentlemen Broncos due out in 2009. The film was written and directed by Jared Hess, the same guy that brought you Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. In this clip, which has been cracking me up all week, Chevalier shows us how to realaxate. Favorite line:

Bring your ankles close to your groinal axus. As close as possible without threatening your seed.

I’m always happy to share links you send me. If you have a blog and think you’ve written something that AoM readers would be interested in, please email it to me at artofmanliness at gmail.com.

The Manival

This week Savvy Daddy hostedthe Manival. He did a fantastic and creative job with it. Make sure to check it out and give it a Stumble while you’re there. If you’d like to take part in this week’s Manival, submit an article to [email protected]


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