| July 12, 2008

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Revisiting Strong Lifts Edition

Many of you know that I’m currently attending law school. This summer I’m clerking at two great firms here in Tulsa. Part of the recruiting process of law firms is wining and dining their summer associates. So basically the past 8 weeks I’ve been going out to eat at fantastic restaurants all around town almost every day. While I do work on portion control and continue to workout, I’ve still managed to pack on a few pounds.

As a result, I’ve decided to get back on board with the Stong Lifts 5×5 workout routine. I was doing it at the beginning of the year and had amazing results. But I decided to try other routines. While they were good, they haven’t been able to keep pace with my daily law firm lunches.

I’ve been doing the 5×5 routine now for about 2 weeks and I’ve got to say I’m pleased with the results. I’m getting stronger and leaner. It’s the perfect workout for blasting away those lunches. If you haven’t been to Stronglifts.com, I highly recommend you do. Sign up the Mehdi’s RSS feed and download his awesome ebook detailing his workout.

Now for some links.

The First Steps Away From Paycheck to Paycheck Living (@ the simple dollar) Living paycheck to paycheck can be stressful. You have to wait on pins and needles to see if you’ll have enough money to make ends meet before the next paycheck. Trent at the Simple Dollar provides a few tips that people can implement to get away from paycheck to paycheck living.

How To Mix Crossfit with Strong Lifts 5×5 (@ stronglifts.com) I’m a big fan of Crossfit, so it was cool to see Mehdi giving an explaination on how to incorporate Crossfit in his 5×5 routine.

Am I Too Busy For Marriage? (@ a good husband) Corey Allen from Simple Marriage discusses balancing work with finding time for your spouse. This is sometimes hard for me during law school. Kate and I have crazy schedules that leave little time for us during the week to see each other. But we’ve made it a priority in our marriage to set aside a date night each week to reconnect and just have fun with each other.

The Monster Collection of Moleskine Tips and Hacks (@ freelance switch) I’m a fanboy of the Moleskine. I carry a pocket one to jot down ideas for the blog as I get them. Freelance Switch has brought together the best tips on how to hack out your Moleskine so you can be a productivity special ops.

How To Win Arguments (@ lifehack) Lifehack presents the dos, dont’s and sneaky underhanded ways to win an argument. A great read, especially if you’re an attorney.

Ho Hum Marriage? 9 Ways To Add Some Spice (@ simple marriage) Dr. Corey Allen gives nine tips on how to spark up a boring marriage. Suggestions include asking your spouse out on a date and assuming different household responsibilities.

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