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Reader Contest: Design an Art of Manliness T-Shirt

Calling all designers! Many of you may have noticed the “Shop [1]” link up at the top where you can find Art of Manliness T-shirts that I created. I thought I did a decent job considering my sucky GIMP and design skills. But to be honest, I think they could be much better

I’ve decided to let the more talented among you create a much more aesthetically pleasing product.

Here’s how it works:

1. Design a logo/words that we can slap on a t-shirt and send us the image. We’re looking for two designs. One for the men and also one for the ladies who read Art of Manliness and want to tell the world they dig manly men.

2. Submissions are due in 2 weeks (July 13, 2008). You can submit by emailing the image to artofmanliness at gmail. Images should be in PNG or GIF format.

3. Submissions will be voted on by you the readers. We’ll have two winners: the men’s version and the ladies version. Double your chances of winning by submitting twice.

4. The winners will receive a wonderful list of prizes:

5. The winning images you send will belong to me, so by submitting your image/ideas, you are signing them over to me.  If you’re not down with that, don’t submit.

So you might be asking “What kind of design are you looking for?” Well, something that goes with the Art of Manliness ethos. The t-shirt doesn’t necessairily have to have John L. Sullivan (the AoM boxer guy) in it, but it would be cool if it did. We’re also big fans of the vintage look and a t-shirt with that vibe would go well with the site.

So show the world your manly design skills! We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions.