| June 22, 2008


Art of Manliness and Digg.com

Some of you may have noticed that starting several weeks ago, if you tried to submit an AoM story to Digg.com, it would be rejected. Digg has labeled the Art of Manliness as spam, and blocked submissions from our site.

We have resigned ourselves to this fate. But we are embarrassed that people will see us labeled as spam when they try to submit our content. The Art of Manliness is about honor, integrity, and manning up-the antithesis of spamming. Therefore, we would like to assure our readers that we have never, ever spammed or gamed the Digg system. Honestly and truly. Those articles which did well on Digg, did well because people liked and appreciated them.

We appealed to Digg to remove this block, but Digg refuses to do so. They did not cite any evidence of wrongdoing, but basically said that since people on Digg said we are spam, than that means we are spam, regardless of the actual facts. 

We know that you all don’t think AoM consists of spam material. Neither do dozens of major blogs and mainstream media sites. Here’s a brief run down of places around the web Art of Manliness has been featured:

Thank you for your past support with Digg. Our exposure on that site helped grow the blog tremendously and introduce it to many readers. For that we are grateful. If you would like to continue to promote the Art of Manliness, submit and vote for our articles on Reddit, del.icio.us, and Stumbleupon.

Best Regards-

Brett and Kate

Last updated: March 13, 2017

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