| May 20, 2008


The Manival #4

Well, it’s time once again for The Manival. For those of you who don’t know, the Manival is a weekly blog carnival dedicated to bring together posts from blogs by men and for men. If you would like to participate in next week’s Manival, please submit a post using this handy submission form.

Editor’s Choice: Cory Huff presents Avoid Cheating, Wandering Eyes at A Good Husband. If you’re married, you’ll definitely find this post helpful.

Rickey Henderson presents A Memo from the Office of Steven R. Lawlor, CPA, to Indiana Jones posted at Riding with Rickey. This is pretty funny. I’ve always wondered how Indy handles his taxes.

Corey Allan discusses how to control your tongue in a marriage at The Simple Marriage Project.

Alessandro presents The case for Mr. Good Enough at miserere.org. He gives his take on the recent article in the Atlantic Monthly about women settling down instead of holding off for Mr. Right. I think this can apply to men as well. He segues into discussing the importance of family.

Jeremy presents 20 Kinds of Dads – Which One are You? at Discovering Dad. This is a great post about the different kinds of dads out there.

Jeff Tincher shares The Best Part of Putting My Son to Bed at Daddys Toolbox. Makes me want to have a kid so I can put them to bed.

Michael Gowin presents How to Read a Book (Illustrated) at Michael Gowin’s Blog. Don’t let the title fool you. This is actually a very helpful and thorough post. Try implementing some of Michael’s strategies while reading the Essential Man’s Library.

Bob presents The Green Green Cash at Home posted at Stormbringer’s Thunder. This post has some great advice on managing your money more wisely.

a husband presents Satisfy Your Hungry Eyes at iamhusband.com. Another take on not oogoling other women while you’re married. My favorite line from the post: “By starving your eyes from outside sexual stimulation, you can train your brain to define beauty based on the woman you sleep next to every night”

Andrew Flusche discusses How to Handle Legal Issues Like a Man. As a law student, I appreciated this post. This post has some great advice on how to handle yourself if you’re ever found in court. Bottom line: don’t be a tool and cooperate with people. It makes the whole process run much more smoothly.

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