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The Best of Art of Manliness, April 2008

April was another fantastic month for The Art of Manliness, thanks again to all of you! Subscribers climbed to 7,141 and traffic is on the up and up. I’m particularly pumped about the launching of the Art of Manliness Forums [1] and the kickoff of the Manival [2]. If you haven’t already, go register [3] as a member of the forums and join in the awesome discussion going on there. Here are some examples of some of the manly discussion going on there:

Commitment and Jobs [4]
A Group of Real Men [5]
Classic Man Music [6]

The Manival is a blog carnival for men. The idea is each week a different man blog will aggregate the best man posts from around the man blogosphere. The first edition was a big hit! We received 20 manly submissions that would put hair on any man’s chest who read them. Next week, A Good Husband [7] will be hosting the Manival. If you have a man post that you would like to include, submit it with this handy submission form. Submissions are due by next Monday. [8]

Now, lets take a look at the best posts in April

How to Break Down A Door [9]

How to Snag a Souvenir Baseball [10]

9 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches [11]

Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife [12]

4 Ways Nature Restores Your Manly Vigor [13]

Finding Yourself is a Crock [14]

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