| April 21, 2008


Accepting Submissions For Manival #1

I just wanted to remind everyone about the all new blog carnival for men, called the Manival, will be hosted here at AoM next Tuesday. The Manival will include links to some of the best posts in the blogosphere on all things man. So far, I’ve received a couple of great submissions and I’m looking forward to more.

If you blog and have written something that you think would be interesting/helpful for men, please submit it to the Manival with this handy-dandy submission form. (Update: the submission form is not working. Please use the contact form to send me your submission.)The more bloggers the merrier! It’s an easy way to promote your best content and introduce your blog to some new readers.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, April 28.

Last updated: June 3, 2008

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