| February 23, 2008

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Law Review Edition

In addition to authoring this blog, I’m also attending law school. I’m on the law review at my school and part of my duties consist of checking and editing citations for articles that have been submitted for publication. It’s the most tedious, mind numbing activity I’ve ever done in my life. What makes it worse is legal professors can be lazy, and I mean really lazy, with their research. Take the article I’m working on now. The author cites a fact and what does she give me to support it? Just the name of the author. I also have one here where the author quotes a book. Yet instead of giving an exact pagepoint, the author just cites the entire book.

This is going to be a long weekend.

Let’s look at some links.

Gentlemen, 5 Easy Steps to Living Long and Well (@ ny times) The title says it all. Check it out.

The answer to the toughest interview question (@ brazen carrerist) This is a helpful resource on how to answer the question that pops up in most job interviews “How much money do you want?”

9 Tips to Clean Your Mental Palette (@ scott h. young) Feeling like your brain is fried? Check this article out on how to clear it so you can get more productive.

Investing in Yourself: Mental and Spiritual Health (@ the simple dollar) Want to get your life together? Spend some time investing in your mental and spiritual health. Trent at The Simple Dollar offers some suggestions on you can. Personally, I try to carve out time for prayer and scripture study. I haven’t been very good about it lately. When I’m really things together, I try to make time for meditation. Even if you’re not religious, finding time to mediate and ponder on your life can do wonders for clearing your head and helping you feel more together.

How to Play Well With Others: At Work (@ newly corporate) Success in the corporate world depends on how well you get along with others. This article from Newly Corporate offers some tips on how to do better at it.

Last updated: May 27, 2008

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