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The Dos And Don’ts Of a Dinner Date

Posted By Brett and Kate McKay On January 31, 2008 @ 5:40 am In Dating,Marriage,Relationships & Family | 41 Comments


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Almost every date involves taking a woman out to eat. It is not only fun, but offers a perfect opportunity to show your date your manners and character. Below are a few of the do’s and don’ts of dinner dates. If you do the do’s, you’re guaranteed to impress your date and score a second one with her. If you do the don’ts, she won’t be returning your calls.


  • Open the door for your date and pull out her chair for her.
  • Place your napkin on your lap.
  • Break off a chunk of bread to butter it instead of buttering one huge slice.
  • Come prepared with interesting conversation topics to discuss.
  • Say thank you to the waiter each time he or she brings you an item.
  • Pre-bus the table to make the waiter’s job easier. (This shows you respect those in the service industry.)
  • Pay for the whole bill, and make it obvious you are going to do so to avoid an awkward conversation.
  • Leave a generous tip. A tip speaks volumes about your character.


  • Wear a ball cap during the dinner. You shouldn’t be wearing one at all, but if you are, take it off when you enter the restaurant.
  • Chew with your mouth open.
  • Make the waiter’s job difficult with anal orders and requests.
  • Obviously check out other women

Remember that many of these rules apply for dinner dates at home [2].

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