| January 25, 2008


The Art Of Manliness Weekly Roundup: There Will Be Blood Edition

There Will Be Blood is finally playing where I live and I can’t wait to see it. The film follows a turn of the century silver miner who becomes a self-made oil tycoon wildcatting in the California desert. The film captures perfectly what greed and capitalism taken to the extreme can do to a man. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the lead character and is up for an Oscar nomination. I hope he gets. He’s already been jipped an Oscar for his portrayal of Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York.

Now for some interesting links.

Hemingway Boxing Workout Ernest Hemingway was a boxer first and a writer second. Find out how you can develop the fighting spirit with this short boxing workout. (@ mens health)

License to Thrill: Dress Like James Bond Every man at some point in his life imagines what it would be like to be James Bond. This post provides suggestions on how you can get James Bond Look in Casino Royale. What I liked about the post is that many of the suggestions were actually affordable. (@ just a guy thing)

If You Makes These Mistakes, You’ll End Up Quitting This post discusses the various reasons people can’t stick to a workout routine. I’ve made a few of these mistakes before and every time I did it was factor in me not creating the workout habit. Thankfully, I’ve learned from my mistakes. (@ muscle circuit)

7 Powerful Steps to Overcoming Resistance and Actually Getting Stuff Done This past week I was not in the mood to get anything done. I sat in a state of inertia. Leo from Zen Habits offers some great advice to help you get out of a rut. (@ zen habits)

How Being The Perfect Gentleman Will Make Her Want You More Here at the Art of Manliness, we support resurrecting the lost art of being a gentleman. This post is a nice reminder of things a man can do to show a woman he respects her. If you haven’t already, make sure to download The Art of Manliness FREE Guide to Being a Gentleman in 2008. ( @ just a guy thing)

Generation Y: Soften Your Change to Succeed Generation Y is full bright people who like to come in and change things. However, in their zeal to be agents of change, they often shoot themselves shoot by being too zealous. The Boomers are still in charge. If you piss them off, your efforts will be wasted. This post offers a few tips on what you can do to be an agent of change without being pegged a know-it all whipper snapper. (@ newly corporate)

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